Curaçao 2015

Last Updated March 16, 2015


"Arr, have you ever been to sea Billy? You ever gone out on a diving boat in 30 knot winds Billy? You ever run out of Gravol? Arr, it's not a pretty sight Billy!"

I'm not saying it was windy when Scuba 2000 went diving in Curaçao but ..., well have a look at the video below and judge for yourself. And yes, some days had 30 knot winds.

Brenda and myself joined six other divers from Scuba 2000 for a week at Lion's Dive and Beach Resort located south east of Willemstad. We dove with Ocean Encounters. A great dive shop with a wide variety of diving experiences.

Our favourite dive was with a couple of dolphins from the Curaçao Sea Aquarium. A trainer takes a couple of dolphins from their pen into the open ocean to play with the divers. Seems they have more problems getting them out of the comfort of their pen then getting them back in afterwards. The dolphins were a mother and one of her teenagers which is why they stuck so close together.  I decided to try making a video for this dive instead of still pictures. It didn't turn out too bad so I will definitely video on future dives.

We had some great meals both on property at Lion's Resort and at the Boulevard next door. We only went into Willemstad one morning so didn't get a chance to try the local cuisine.

Diving was different than Brenda and I were use to in Grand Cayman. Note only was it windy but there were always currents and sometimes surges. Saw a lot of marine life. We saw a lot and had a lot of fun.

Diving with the Dolphins Video

I'm Not Saying It's Windy but ...

Around the Resort and Dive Shop

Paul's Underwater Pictures

Pictures of Paul & Brenda
by Turtle and Ray Photography

Scuba 2000 Group Pictures
by Turtle and Ray Photography

Camera Information

I use an Olympus E-PM1 Camera with a 14-42mm lens. It's in a PT-EP06L enclosure. I use aU-FL2 strobe. I shoot in manual mode at ISO 200.

Paul Naish